The Black Clover is an anime series and manga created by Yuki Tabata. The story centers around Asta, the protagonist housed in an orphanage with his friend Yuno. In the series, everyone is able to hone their mana to form magical powers, except for Asta. He fully relies on his physical strength.

Now, this series, like any other anime series, contains multiple filler episodes that you can skip without missing out on the main plot story. Of all the episodes in the Black Clover, 10% of them are labeled as filler ones.

Check out the list below.

  • Episode 29 “The Path”
  • Episode 66 “The Secret Of The Eye Of The Midnight Sun”
  • Episode 68 “Battle To The Death?! Yami vs. Jack”
  • Episode 82 “Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!”
  • Episode 123 “Nero Reminisces Part One”
  • Episode 124 “Nero Reminisces Part Two”
  • Episode 125 “Return”
  • Episode 131 “A New Resolve”
  • Episode 134 “Those Who Have Been Gathered”
  • Episode 135 “The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, And Soul”
  • Episode 142 “Those Remaining”
  • Episode 143 “The Tilted Scale”
  • Episode 144 “Those Who Wish To Destroy Devils”
  • Episode 145 “Rescue”
  • Episode 146 “Those Who Worship Devils”
  • Episode 147 “Death”
  • Episode 148 “Become The Light That Illuminates The Darkness”

Mixed Filler Black Clover Episodes

Among the Black Clover episodes, some are both filler and canon. Check out the list below.

Episode 2: A Young Man’s Vow

In this episode, we take a look at Asta and Yuno’s beginnings and what their motivations have stemmed from since their youth.

Episode 8: Go! Go! My First Mission

Asta gets to go on his first mission accompanying Magna. The mission scenes are canon, while the rest of the episode is mostly filler.

Episode 9: Beasts

Asta embarks on a mission and brings along Noelle for the first time. As with episode 8, the mission scenes are more important than the rest.

Episode 69: The Briar Maiden’s Melancholy

This and the previous episode are basically about the festival. In this episode, you’re mostly met with other festival shenanigans where Vanessa becomes jealous of Charlotte, the Blue Rose Knights captain. They end up dueling with each other.

Episode 102: Two Miracles

This episode sees our main protagonists, Asta and Yuno going back to their hometown to fight against an incarnated Elf. The fight beckons nostalgia from the old hometown’s residents.

To Conclude

There’s a reason why Black Clover contains several filler episodes. The manga doesn’t have enough chapters to fill a full anime series. Nevertheless, the canon episodes are the ones originating from Tabata’s manga.

You can skip the filler episodes and watch the canon ones if you’re exclusively looking for a series that incorporates the manga’s original story.

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