In the anime series, Attack on Titans, we are met with several kinds of titan forms. One of which is the Flying Titan. Falco Grice is the character that transforms into this titan, who is also referred to as the Jaw Titan.

As its name suggests, the Jaw Titan is capable of shredding anything to bits with its incredibly powerful talons and jaws. The titan is also relatively small, making it faster than other titans. On top of being fast, the Jaw Titan can fly. Now, this flying ability wasn’t naturally present in Falco’s Jaw Titan.

How Did the Flying Titan Come to Be?

Falco is believed to have gained his avian supernatural ability from drinking Zeke’s, who is a Beast Titan, spinal fluid. He didn’t drink the fluid willingly, since a bottle of wine traced with the liquid was smashed atop his head by Niccolo.

Having said that, Zeke’s Beast Titan contains memories of flight, which Falco inherits and motivates him to fly. It’s worth noting that Zeke’s influence on Falco was strong as he was able to transform him into a Pure Titan with his scream in episode 78.

All the same, fans speculated that Falco’s Jaw Titan was going to be able to fly due to its distinctive features. For instance, previous holders of the Jaw Titan didn’t have talons as Falco did. Additionally, Falco’s Jaw Titan had furry arms that looked almost like wings. His jaws also resembled a beak-like appearance.

Now, this flying ability may have been foreshadowed due to Falco’s name being synonymous with “falcon.” Plus, during the first episode of season four, Falco was seen with birds flying around him.

Characteristics of Flying Titan

After becoming a Flying Titan, there are some differences from the previous form. The Flying Titan resembles eagle-like qualities with its talons and wings. He can fly swiftly and easily transport humans.

The Flying Titan also possesses his original Jaw Titan powerful jaws, which can bite through Titan flesh.

Nevertheless, the Jaw Titan still maintains some of his fighting skills and is still able to defend other characters in need.

Role of Flying Titan

Despite not acquiring the same strength as other powerful titans, the Flying Titan still held a crucial role during the final battle against Eren.

Falco’s Flying Titan manages to save characters such as Levi and his friends with his flight ability. When he rescued them, he continued to protect them while they were creating a plan to defeat Eren.

To Conclude

To summarize, the Falco can transform into the Flying Titan due to ingesting Zeke’s spinal fluid. The fluid gave Falco memories of a titan who had the flight ability. This encouraged Falco’s transformation to a flying Jaw Titan.

Although Falco’s titan is seemingly smaller than others, he was able to play a major role in protecting the protagonists in the anime series.

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