Rock Lee is one of the many characters in the famed anime series and manga Naruto. His character is a ninja part of the four-man cell ninja group spearheaded by Might Guy.

Now, as every main character in Naruto’s generation grew, they seem to get paired and have children. Nevertheless, in Rock Lee’s case, his wife’s character is not explicitly disclosed, despite having a son, namely, Metal Lee.

Tenten vs. Azami

Fans theorized that it may be Tenten, due to the close connection we saw in the show. Additionally, they were on the same team. Apart from that, during the credits scene in the Boruto film, we see an image of the new generation of ninjas. Their parents are posing behind them.

In the image, Tenten is seen near Rock Lee. Alas, the Tenten-Rock Lee theory was debunked when it was later revealed that Tenten never married.

Alternatively, fans brought up the possibility that Lee married Azami. Her character was portrayed in a filler episode as one of the children of Tsubaki and Iyashi.

Azami is the grandchild of Chen, notably known as the Taijutsu Master. That being said, some believe that she is a reincarnation of her grandfather because of how talented she is in Taijutsu. Nonetheless, the theory of Azami and Rock Lee being a married couple is yet to be confirmed.

Motherless Arc Theme

Masashi Kishimoto, otherwise known as the creator of Naruto, seems to instill this missing mother arc in his other characters. For instance, in Might Guy’s case, his mother was never revealed, only his father, also known as Might Duy, was shown. Fans are unsure whether Duy’s wife passed away or simply left.

Interestingly enough, Rock Lee’s parentage was also never shown, yet he viewed Might Guy as a father figure. This brings us to another theory that fans have thought about where Metal Lee isn’t Rock Lee’s child at all. Instead, it could be that Metal Lee only views Rock Lee as a father figure, similar to the Guy-Lee dynamic.

Other Theories

Some fans have speculated that Rock Lee’s wife has possibly passed away during childbirth. Another possible answer could be that Metal Lee was adopted, so Rock Lee is yet to be married in the first place.

Rock Lee Love Interests

During the show and manga, Rock Lee was depicted with few love interests. In the initial phases, he was shown to have an interest in Sakura Uchiha, but she didn’t return his feelings.

At first, Sakura thought Lee was weird, but as the show went on, she became nicer to him. That could be due to the fact he saved her in the Chunin Exams from the Otogakure genin.
Besides that, most fans shipped Tenten with Rock Lee. They even named them LeeTen because of the strong bond they formed throughout the show.

To Conclude

Who is Rock Lee’s wife? While there’s no fool-proof answer to that, various speculations pointed to some possible answers.

Some say it could be Azami. Others theorize that Metal Lee could be adopted or his birth mother may have passed away during childbirth.

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