Choose Your Own Adventure: Interactive Fiction from Print to Digital -- New writing course, supported by the Dudley Doust Writing Associates Fellowship at the University of Rochester.


  The Contemporary Novel: Experiments in Form -- This course focuses on popular authors at the forefront of literary experimentation, examining the ways in which their novels push material design and narrative structure to the conceptual limit of print fiction. In examining these new novels, our fundamental consideration will concern how such texts reshape the book as a media format of the present and reinvigorate the novel as a literary form of the future. Summer syllabus here!
  Introduction to Digital Media Studies -- Course fulfills prerequisite for the new Digital Media Studies major at UR. My syllabus focuses on historicizing and thinking critically about contemporary digital media, from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence. Course texts are complemented by discussion, lab time, group work, and short projects. Following link for syllabus.
  Beyond Books: Narrative Across Media -- Course fulfills primary writing requirements for Rochester undergraduates. My section considers the narrative structures of non-print media while developing critical thinking and writing skills. Follow link for syllabus.
  Media ABC / Text & Medium -- Courses co-taught and designed with Morris Eaves. Undergraduate section and graduate seminar are connected by common Humanities Lab held once per week. In addition to selecting readings and weekly topics, my primary responsibility was to design and carry out lab activities, often collaborating with on- and off-campus resources. Our survey of media types and media-as-concept ranged from oral traditions to engraving and printing to virtual reality. Follow links for syllabus texts and lab schedule. Lab photos!